Auditorium Rental


Mission Statement


Chairman Dr. Bikram Paul 301-365-0503
President (In-Charge Auditorium) Mr. Vippan Chopra 202-369-2946
Vice President Mr. Vikram Kushawaha 301-593-1753
Secretary Mr. Ram Agarwal 301-404-5258
Joint Secretary
Treasurer Mr. Mulchand Lala 410-461-9778
Treasurer Dr. Shyam Bajpai 301-325-9167
Chair: Events, Food, Jagrans Priti-Bhoj / Mr. Vippan Chopra 202-369-2946
Chair: Maintenance Mr. Vikram Kushwaha 301-593-1753
Executive Member
Chair Cultural Programs Mrs. Shukla Khanna 240-246-6028 /301-879-9708


Chair: Events/Jagrans Priti-Bhoj / Mr. Vippan Chopra 202-369-2946
Chair: Building Maintenance Dr. Vikram Kushawaha 301-593-1753 / 301-437-2279
Chair: Cultural Program Shukla Khanna Ji 240-246-6028 / 301-879-9708
Director: Cultural Program Vijay Kushawaha 240-432-8024
Coordinator: Cultural Program Priya Sharma 301-825-6436 / 301-879-9708
Co-Director: Dollar-A-Day Membership Program Shukla Khanna Ji 240-246-6028 / 301-879-9708
Co-Director: Dollar-A-Day Membership Program Dr. Shyam Bajpai 301-325-9167/

Hindu Temple Pujaris

Head Priest Pandit Pitamber Dutt Sharma ji

Priest Ram Bhadra Tripathi ji
Priest From Varanasi, India


Construction Project

The construction of the Temple is complete and with the grace of GOD temple looks very beautiful.

Size of Facility: 25,000 square feet
Capacity of Prayer Hall: 250
Capacity of Multipurpose Hall: 450
No. of Parking Spaces: 116 - 120
Facility Constructed in: 2 Phases
Phase 1: Total site work; foundation and exterior walls and roofing for entire facility; exterior and interior finishing of temple, prayer hall and associated facilities, smaller temple lobby, parking lot, etc. (Cost ~$ 3.96 million)
Phase 2: Interior finishing of the multipurpose hall, main lobby, kitchen, lower level class rooms, lobby, elevator, etc.
Funding: The Temple has $3.96 million dollars in a construction loan.

Community support is needed as with a loan comes a steep mortgage. Please donate generously so the dream for our Indian community can finally come true. Any questions about the construction should be directed to Vikram Kushawaha (301-593-1753).

Financial Information